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What Factors Affect How Often I Need to Repaint My Home’s Interior?

March 3, 2024

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a person painting their home

Repainting the interior of your home is not only a great way to freshen up its appearance, but also to maintain its value and protect the surfaces of your walls from wear and tear. However, it isn’t always clear how often your interior walls need to be repainted, and there are quite a few factors that can affect this frequency. Continue reading below to learn more about how to determine when it’s time to repaint!


6 Crazy, Wacky Paint Colors That Work Surprisingly Well

February 4, 2024

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an assortment of colorful paint cans

When it comes to painting the interior of your home, choosing colors can be one of the most exciting parts of the process—however, it’s also often one of the most challenging! While many homeowners opt for safe and neutral tones, others prefer to push the envelope and experiment with bold and unconventional choices. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to make a statement with your interior paint, here are a few crazy ideas that work surprisingly well!


3 Useful Tips for Pet Owners Painting Their Home

January 3, 2024

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a couple painting their home with their dog

People these days love their pets—it’s estimated that in the US alone, around 65 million households own a dog, with another 46 million owning a cat! But let’s face it; sometimes our furry friends make life a little trickier, and we must arrange special accommodations for them, such as during vacation or when moving. Believe it or not, painting your home doesn’t present too many challenges for pet owners; with a little savvy preparation and know-how, it can easily be done with no inconvenience to your pets! Here are three must-know tips to keep in mind if you’re a pet owner who’s about to repaint your home’s interior.  


Must-Know Tips for Revitalizing Your Kitchen Filled With Black Appliances

December 2, 2023

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a modern kitchen that was painted

The kitchen is one of the most utilized areas in any home, meaning that it shouldn’t just be an efficient use of space—it should also be a beautiful use of space! And these days, it might be a little tricky to select a paint color and design scheme that you’re happy with, mainly due to the presence of various kitchen appliances, many of which come in sleek, bold black finishes. Keep reading for a few must-know tips that are certain to help you find a color scheme that pairs well with your black kitchen appliances.


Can Light Influence the Color of My Paint?

November 3, 2023

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a painted room with natural lighting

If you’re about to embark on an interior painting project, you’re probably feeling excited at the prospect of transforming part (or all) of your house into something spectacular! But you should want to ensure that your results last for as long as possible and don’t unexpectedly change in appearance. However, did you know that light can sometimes alter the perceived color of paint? Continue reading below to learn a little more about how light can influence the color of paint, and how you can ensure that it doesn’t greatly affect your results!


What Paint Colors Will Match My Dark Hardwood Floors?

October 3, 2023

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hardwood floor with a white wall background

The two largest surfaces in any given room include the floor and the walls—and because of this, any sensible interior designer will tell you that they must complement each other! This means that if you have hardwood floors in your home, you might need to put a little extra thought into what paint color scheme you’re selecting if you’re hoping to impress your house guests! Continue reading to learn more about some of the best paint color schemes for elevating rooms and homes with dark wood floors.


Enhance the Stainless Steel Appliances in Your Kitchen with These Paint Colors

September 2, 2023

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a kitchen with stainless steel appliances

In the world of interior design, there’s a general consensus that the kitchen is the “heart of the home,” where functionality meets aesthetics. With stainless steel appliances becoming a popular staple in modern kitchens, choosing the right paint color scheme is essential for enhancing their sleek and sophisticated appeal—you wouldn’t want them to feel out of place in your home! Keep reading to learn about some paint color schemes that go well with stainless steel appliances so that you can create a culinary space that looks great.


How Can I Make My Small Room Look Larger?

August 4, 2023

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a modern, interior room that looks big

If you have a room in your home that is small but cozy, you might be looking for ways to make it feel a little more inviting and spacious. Fortunately, there are several tactics you can utilize to make even the smallest room feel more inviting and spacious, such as a fresh coat of paint, new furniture, and more. Continue reading below to learn a few useful tips about how to transform a small room or living space into a visually expansive sanctuary!


4 Telltale Signs It’s Time to Repaint Your Home’s Interior

July 2, 2023

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a closeup of a home’s interior being painted

A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into your home’s interior, vastly enhancing its aesthetics, making it feel more spacious and inviting, and helping you ultimately feel much more at home within your abode. However, over time, paint wears down and loses its vibrancy, which can cause your walls to not seem as bright or radiant as they once were. Keep reading to learn more about a few of the signs that indicate that it’s time to repaint your home’s interior so that you can continue to enjoy living in a space that looks as cozy as it feels!


The Key Differences Between Interior and Exterior Paint

June 2, 2023

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a couple selecting a shade of interior paint

If you’ve recently stepped down the paint aisle at your local home improvement store, you might’ve been quickly impressed or overwhelmed by the vast selection of paint available! With virtually endless options lining these shelves, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect choice for your project. But one thing that you should be considering before all else is the nature of your project: are you painting indoors or outdoors? Believe it or not, you’ll need a specialized type of paint depending on what you’re doing! Here’s more about a few of the key differences between exterior and interior paints and how they’re each used to produce spectacular and lasting results.

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