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Exterior Painting – Fort Worth, TX

Give Your Home A Beautiful Makeover

What Can We Paint?

Man on scaffold painting exterior

If you’re wondering whether or not Platinum Painting can handle all of your house’s little exterior quirks, you don’t have to worry. Over the years, our professional team has encountered just about every situation, and we have a wealth of painting strategies up our sleeves for all types of materials, fixtures, architectural designs, and more. Our outside-based painting services include the following:

  • Brick
  • Fascia/Eavestrough
  • Wood
  • Stucco
  • Vinyl/Aluminum
  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Railings
  • Fence Staining
  • Carpentry
  • And much more!

No Detail Is Too Little

Man painting window trim

For your unique home’s exteriors, many factors need to be considered to choose the right colors and painting materials. For instance, the climate can play a big role in the wear-and-tear of exterior paint, and any areas that are particularly vulnerable to moisture will require special care. Also, if you have color trees or shrubbery in your yard, you’ll also want to make sure that you choose shades that will complement and enhance these elements for a uniform appearance. The right paint job can even mask or hide architectural flaws by drawing the eye elsewhere! At Platinum Painting, our specialists think of everything so you don’t have to.

The Steps of Exterior Painting

Scaffolds set up for exterior painting

  • Initial Set Up – For all the exterior surfaces that we’ll paint, we start with power washing, removing debris like sand, mildew, dirt, and more. Also, our team will take the time to hand scrape these surfaces to eliminate loose, chipping paint. Before we arrive, we do ask homeowners to remove any outside art fixtures, plants, and other important objects from the space. Perhaps more importantly, we want to make sure the sprinklers are turned off! To learn more about this preparation stage, please take a look at our Getting Started page.
  • Priming – For every exterior project, we use high-quality primer to get your house ready for its coming paint job and ensure that whatever improvements we make last for a long time.
  • Painting – We will then apply the shade of paint and level of gloss that you choose for an even coating. The high-quality exterior paints we use will not just look amazing but also protect your home from the elements outside as well!
  • Clean-Up – Our team members clean up after themselves both every day and at the end of the overall project. You can be sure that they will pack away materials, clear trash, and remove any unsightly paint chips too. Other than the flawless results, you won’t be able to tell that we were ever there.
  • Final Inspection – Once everything’s finished, we’ll walk around your brand-new exterior with you to ensure that you’re completely happy with the results. If you notice something you want us to address, let us know! We want to blow you away with the quality of our work.

Dedicated Color Consultation

Man holding paint color samples

Because the colors or stains you pick for your home’s exterior will last for many years, making sure you choose the right ones is definitely a big deal. If you’re overwhelmed, know that you don’t have to negotiate and weigh your options alone. Our team at Platinum Painting can provide a helping hand with dedicated color consultation, helping you reach a plan that you feel completely confident about. Better yet, you can explore available color options and get a more accurate idea of how the final product will look with the Paint Color Visualizer from Sherwin-Williams.

Exterior Painting FAQs

white paint wood

Is it ever too hot or cold to paint? What is the best season to paint outside?

As Texans, we’ve had to deal with some crazy, unpredictable weather. Over the years, we have learned how to deal with it and still give our customers beautiful results, no matter the season. In the hot summer months, for instance, we work during the early hours of the day to avoid the 100+ degree temperatures in the afternoon. However, we sometimes need to reschedule painting your exterior surfaces in order to provide the high-quality results that you expect and deserve. Two such times are when the temperature goes under 35 degrees or when it’s raining. We give our best efforts to each project and try to work around the Texas weather to make sure your house looks amazing.

Should I replace my gutters when I paint?

Absolutely! Did you know that your gutters can help preserve your home for the long run? They are supposed to divert rainwater away from the foundation and structure of the house. By replacing your gutters and painting the exterior at around the same time, we can prime and paint the fascia, a surface that needs extra protection from moisture anyway. Our sister company, Platinum Gutters, can help you pick a new gutter system that can extend the lifespan of the new paint job! Our teams can coordinate the painting and gutter schedules, saving you time and money on these important improvement tasks.

Can you paint metal fences or gates?

Yes, we can paint nearly every external surface. We’ve painted more than 10,000 homes since 2008, and we know how to approach each project using the best strategies and materials to yield amazing, long-lasting results for gates and fences. Because our skilled team stays updated on industry advancements in materials and techniques, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best service available in North Texas.

What prep work do I need to do before you start?

We ask that you do a couple of things before our team comes. That way, we can get straight to work on beautifying the outside of your home. Please take a little bit of time to clean up after your pets and put them in an area away from where our team will work. Also, make sure you turn off your sprinkler system while we’re there. In addition to the potential damage it can cause on the paint job, our team members don’t want to be soaked with water! Finally, remove any wall hangings and plants from the work area. We’ll power wash all the surfaces, and then we’ll begin priming and painting.

Can you replace the wood before you paint?

Absolutely! Your home’s exterior wood surfaces get a beating from the crazy Texas weather and wear down over time. In fact, the fascia, soffit, or HardiePlank lap siding can become damaged or rotten, which allows water to get into your home and cause costly problems. The good news is that our team members at Platinum Painting can do so much more than just paint! We have the necessary carpentry skills to replace these wood structures and protect your home for the long haul. Afterward, we can apply a coat of primer and paint to further shield these vulnerable spots from the elements.

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